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Avocado love - How to grow Avocado for FREE!

How to grow / propagate Avocado seeds to indoor plants

During Covid lockdown, everyone started to spend more time at home, so I did. Watching lots of YouTube, Netflix, discovering new hobbies…. I discovered my love for indoor plants🌱. But I found that not just having plants around made me happy, I really enjoy watching and helping them grow. Propagating indoor plants is now my passion. It also helped me get through (still in Sydney) lockdown.

As soon as I learned that I can grow Avocado plants (No fruits intended) I started to propagate. Not all pits germinate but I reckon around 85%+ do.

It’s so fascinating that the Avocado pits I used to chuck in a bin can bring me so much happiness (A little thing can make me happy but this one is very special!) and it’s FREE ! (unless you buy an avocado to just get a pit and don’t eat fruit but who does that!?) 

Here are how I do and my tips on growing Avocado as your indoor plant (No fruit intended)

  1. Cut your avocado very carefully and try not to touch it with a knife while cutting it
  1. Wash off any fruit attached to the pit and remove brown skin off. Please be careful when you remove the brown skin, try to be very gentle and try not to scratch. (If you scratch, it will be left on a pit like birthmarks…)

  1. Wrap the pit with a wet paper towel and keep it in a ziplock bag and tightly seal it. And recommend you to write date on the bag.
  1. Keep it in a dark place like a pantry or under the sink cabinet etc.
  1. Check on it every 2 weeks or so. When you see a crack and little root coming outside, that is the time that you will move this babe to the water propagation stage.

        Avocado seed almost ready to put in a water jar
  1. I do not recommend spiking it with a toothpick etc. It just looks sad. You can find a small jar that opening is smaller than the pit and let it sit on top of it or even better use one of PidegoArt’s Water propagation cone / plate!

  1. Change water every week or two but importantly, top it up when you see it low. I feed a bit of liquid plant food every now and then.

    Hydro Avocado indoor plants with leafs
  1. Enjoy your new indoor plant! Putting it in a soil is optional :)


I hope this information will help put a smile on your face! 



  • Thank you Phil! I have reply to your via email. Your kind though is greatly appriciated!!!

  • I have about 20 avocado pits from the tree in my yard. Would you like me to drop them at the door if your shop? I am trying to sprout some but have way more than I can use.

    Phil Nanlohy

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