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PidegoArt - The Beginning of My PidegoArt Journey

This is so exiting!

I have been making hand made items for a quite sometime. I always love drawing, creating handmade cards, making stained glass jewelleries or goods, cutting bottles to recycle art etc and thinking I am quite handy making stuff but I never really had this feeling of, “Yes! This is it!! This is my dream job and I can create something that people will love and enjoy having it around or even better, put a smile on someone’s face!” until I met Macrame. So during Covid socially hibernating period, I discovered the world of Macrame and fell in LOVE with it and now, I am taking a further step to create my own brand “PidegoArt”.

PidegoArt doesn’t focus on only Macrame but art that I create with my love and passion! 

I really hope my journey with PidegoArt will bring a smile on your face. ☺️❤️


April 2021

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