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Upcycling Sake bottles | PidegoArt Sydney

Oh, it’s no secret that I love sake! 🍶

And I want everyone to know how good it CAN be. 🤔

It’s common outside of Japan 🇯🇵 (and sometime inside Japan) people to think that Sake = Hot Sake = It’s ok….

I want to change that impression by talking to friends and people about sake and recommending sake for their taste.

A good sake can be quite expensive in Sydney, Australia, somewhere around $55 to $100 + for a 720ml bottle. Usually, x3 priced compared to buying them in Japan. But still, it’s worth your money to enjoy and pair with good food when you know the type of sake you like.

Also, I do like some sake bottle designs. Wine bottles in Australia have really nice designs as well. I am vias as I am from Japan and sometimes I buy a bottle because it’s unique or pretty, oh yes I am guilty!  

For those bottles, I often save and upcycle them so I can keep them long after you finish them. 💕

Upcycled Yuzushu Bottle  Upcycled Sake Bottle

Some bottles I cut and give another life are available from here.

Stay safe everyone!


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